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Understanding Emotions and Relationships (Eng 3CD)

講員/作者名稱: 葛琳卡博士

不斷重複思想行為背後的迷思與出路 (Eng.粵傳譯 2CD)

講員/作者名稱: Dr. Graham Kavanagh
Consulting & Clinical Psychologist, 臨床心理學家

Forgiveness and Grief, an Existential Perspective (Eng 1CD)

講員/作者名稱: Dr. Mark Yang
Psy.D. and Interim Director of Training, Psy.D. program of Alliant University

As We Forgive Those Who Sin Against us (Eng 2CD)

講員/作者名稱: Dr. Erica Liu Wollin
Psy.D in Clinical Psychology